Employee Testimonial

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Management Consultant - Finance & Risk

What has brought you to zeb?

I started my career at zeb as an intern in the field of Risk. I was intrigued by the humorous advertisement I had found on the job portal of my university. After two interviews with zeb consultants from Risk practice group, I was quickly convinced. I thought it was great that interns are directly employed at the client’s place of work and actively take on a role in a project from the very beginning. The exchange with the two interviewers was also very friendly, interesting and more relaxed than I had experienced at other companies. You could almost grasp the zeb spirit during the interview. I was convinced from the very start that I would feel comfortable and learn a lot at zeb. My positive first impression stayed with me throughout my time as an intern and I therefore decided to start as a consultant at zeb after my graduation. Once the offer was made, I did not need much time for consideration.

What makes zeb special?

Definitely two things - the pleasant and relaxed working atmosphere and the cooperation with smart and friendly colleagues. No matter how stressful the project, the interaction is always respectful and enjoyable. Experienced colleagues are always ready to listen and very supportive. zeb has very flat hierarchies and I can say from my own experience that junior employees have the opportunity to make a contribution. The staffing process makes sure that younger colleagues are involved in various projects and thus guaranteed a very steep learning curve.

What are your responsibilities at zeb?

I am currently involved in a reorganisation project for asset management in Switzerland. I particularly like the strategic component of this project and my responsibility for individual work packages and streams. In this context, I am responsible for coordinating client meetings, creating presentations and decision papers and supporting discussions with lawyers and regulators. When I am not working on a project, I am active in developing topics and commentary in the area of stress testing and scenario capability and the conceptual design of a CRO target operating model. I am part of several topic development teams and support them in the creation of presentations. I also write articles for zeb’s Banking Hub platform and research possible new topics. Besides of that I am also responsible for a certain aspect of the graduate recruiting program. This task involves attending university lectures, coordinating case study workshops, helping students in the application process and supporting several job fairs.

How did you experience your first weeks at zeb? What were your first impressions?

In a nutshell, zeb.start I! As the name suggests, zeb.start I is a seminar for new consultants at our headquarter in Münster, Germany. The seminar covers everything you need to know about zeb, the day-to-day project work and the most important tasks of consultants. You will also meet other new employees from all career levels and skill bases. The real highlights of the week are the numerous social activities on the agenda. After zeb.start I, you will also be familiar with Münster’s most popular student pubs.