Partners for Change

Through our entrepreneurial spirit and strategic thinking, zeb has established itself as one of the leading strategy and management consultancy in the financial services industry in Europe to date. With us, our clients are addressing pressing issues arising from the industry’s changing dynamics and regulatory requirements. Together we face the only constant — change.

European Banking Study 2019
Europe’s leading banks only achieved slight profit growth in 2018. The future is likely to bring further pressure due to the persistent low yield environment and unabatedly rising regulatory costs. Financial institutions that started to focus on digitalization and adapt the key success factors of Tech Giants at an early stage developed much better than other banks.

zeb among top 3 consultancies
zeb started life as a spin-off from Münster University. It is one of the biggest financial advisers in the country today. The magazine Brandeins covered our growth story in its latest issue. Get the pdf with all insights here:

International Report
We invite you to take a closer look at some of zeb´s consulting assignments across Europe - with case studies from Poland to Italy, Austria to Russia, Germany to Sweden.

Dr. Dirk Holländer

Dr. Dirk Holländer

Senior Partner and Managing Director UK

Dirk has more than 20 years of experience in management consulting in continental European and CEE financial services industry.
He provides advice to CFO and CRO functions and regularly lectures at executive MBA courses in UK and Europe. His consulting expertise encompasses strategy and corporate development, financial control and performance management, balance sheet and financial resources management, as well as Treasury management.
Dirk joined zeb in 1999 and has accompanied the firm through its various growth phases, e.g. from its origins as a German consulting boutique for small banks to today’s setup as a pan-European player providing services to a vast array of FS firms. Dirk studied at the University of Paderborn in Germany as well as Monash University in Australia and holds a PhD and a master’s degree in Business Administration.

Who we are...

We are partners for change.
We focus on what matters to our clients in the financial services industry – our goal is to improve their performance and competitive strength. We support and work closely with our clients’ decision makers, employees and stakeholders at every stage of the project – from conceptual design, creatively tailoring ideas to innovative strategies based on robust quantitative analyses for effective and thorough implementation. what we do

We tap into our long-standing in-depth expertise in the fields of financial services strategy, sales, organisation, corporate management, human capital, regulation and IT.
We have the full spectrum of opportunities and challenges in today's financial services industry firmly in our sight. From this, we create forward looking, sustainable value for and with our clients. zeb: that's 360° management consultancy – every day, every challenge, every opportunity, every client.