Selected Case Studies

At zeb we combine deep business understanding with extensive analysis and outstanding technology expertise.  See below the following case studies and reference projects for more information.

  • Building a digital SME bank from scratch (more)
  • Creating a COVID-19 pre-warning/vulnerability credit risk model (more)
  • Using high performance cloud computing for Financial Control (more
  • Redesigning the credit application process (more)
  • Applying unsupervised machine learning to detect fraud (more)
  • Overcoming social distancing in COVID-19 times (more)

Point of View

We regularly publish studies and conduct webinars to share our knowledge with the industry. The following excerpts provide a glimpse into our expertise:

  • Simulating the impact of COVID-19 on credit portfolios of the largest 50 UK & European banks (more)
  • AI in bank management and Treasury
  • Results from the latest CFO survey on Digitalisation
  • Sustainability on bank performance


We believe that we work best in diversified teams that bring in different viewpoints. This is why we have partnered with selected firms to bring about the best value-add to our clients:

  • Technology Partners
  • Universities
  • Legal Firms
  • Research Centres

zeb offers fresh insights on banking industry topics through in-depth articles and features e.g. on Innovation and Digital, Sales, Operations, Finance, Risk, Regulation, Information Technology and many more.

Our information and community hub on all things ‘fintech’ brings transparency to this dynamic sector. Its aim: to link financial technology companies to financial services providers and experts – as well as investors. Fintech Hub focuses on three main areas:

  • information on fintech companies and the minds behind the tech
  • fintech news and events including related financial services innovations
  • exchange and discussion on exciting topics

Our go-to offer for current and proposed regulatory requirements with topical analysis of the changing regulatory landscape. Our experts examine and explain new information, its impact and required action, and provide targeted recommendations.