• As the largest financial services specialist consultancy in Europe, we have the ability to focus on one sector and generate deep insights.
  • Our approach is data driven and for that reason, we develop and provide state-of-the-art benchmark and scenario analysis which we use in our daily work and in our studies (e.g. via our European Banking Study, Basel IV impact study, Digital Pulse Check).
  • We provide unparalleled insights into the continental European FS landscape – e.g. Germany, the Nordics, Benelux and France. With over 20 years of consulting expertise, our information base and network prove to be extensive and deep.


  • All our consultants are specialised in the financial services sector. Most have prior experience in banking, insurance or asset management.
  • Our collaborative and team-oriented culture enables us to give our consultants a long-term perspective at zeb, which proves our average tenure of more than 6 years.
  • In combination with more than 1.000 consultants and a hands-on approach, we master complex projects that require deep financial services knowledge and profound technical skills.


  • Our financial services sector focus enables us to cover all topics with a focus on strategy & business development, finance & risk and operations & IT/ digital.
  • Being able to understand the challenges in each department of firms in the FS industry, we are able to bridge gaps – often even within firms.
  • When necessary, we team up with niche-specialists, universities and research facilities that share our culture and DNA to provide the best results for our customers.

zeb offers fresh insights on banking industry topics through in-depth articles and features e.g. on Innovation and Digital, Sales, Operations, Finance, Risk, Regulation, Information Technology and many more.

Welcome to our Insurance Hub, a new portal by zeb for specialist insurance topics, from expert commentary on markets, regulatory issues and digital change to industry innovations.

Our information and community hub on all things ‘fintech’ brings transparency to this dynamic sector. Its aim: to link financial technology companies to financial services providers and experts – as well as investors. Fintech Hub focuses on three main areas:

  • information on fintech companies and the minds behind the tech
  • fintech news and events including related financial services innovations
  • exchange and discussion on exciting topics

Our go-to offer for current and proposed regulatory requirements with topical analysis of the changing regulatory landscape. Our experts examine and explain new information, its impact and required action, and provide targeted recommendations.