Employee Testimonial

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Strategy Consultant,

What has brought you to zeb?

I heard about zeb at London Business School where I graduated with a Masters in Finance. After spending 10 years in banking, I wanted to try out something new as I had acquired new skills throughout my studies and aspired to put them into practice more broadly. zeb is a strategy and management consulting firm focused solely on financial services and this was exactly what I was looking for!

What makes zeb special?

The culture and professionalism truly stand out for me. zeb’s heritage combines academic research with practical experience and this is still very much in our DNA and also how we add value to our clients. Further study and gaining new knowledge is strongly encouraged at every step of your career, whether you are straight out of your undergraduate degree or whether you are preparing to take on PhD studies. It is quite remarkable how much you learn from your colleagues who are true experts in their fields. The variety of very interesting projects with several international clients and the prospect of working across Europe also makes the job very rewarding.

What are your responsibilities at zeb?

I am an Engagement Manager responsible for projects and client relationship management. I run teams of consultants who work on projects and am the face and point of contact for all client equiries. I also get involved in research activities on topics of interest – this is a great way to balance out the practical side of things with academic and evidence-based findings. I mainly focus on Risk and Finance topics in banking, but very often the projects also get me involved in something completely different, making the work very varied and interesting.

What were your first weeks at zeb like? What were your first impressions?

Several weeks before I started at zeb, I was contacted by my future Mentor to make me feel welcome and introduce me to crucial things I needed to know before I started the new role. This was quite unexpected and a very pleasant surprise. The whole process from interviews until the first week I started was enjoyable and professional – you could truly feel what the culture and working life was going to be like from thereon. All of my IT worked on day 1 and I was able to start working efficiently.

At zeb we onboard new joiners several times a year in training programmes. I attended one at our HQ in Germany. This was a great way to meet new colleagues from 18 different offices in 14 countries and learn about the values of zeb and how things are done here. Beyond the professionalism and intelligence of your colleagues, it is great to also get to know them on a personal level. Everyone is nice and friendly and that is truly an important aspect when it comes to spending up to several months with them on a project. At zeb, what you put in is what you get out, entrepreneurial spirit and innovation is strongly encouraged and rewarded.